What is Huggie Earring?

What is huggie earring? These are very small and have a significantly smaller diameter than standard hoop earrings. This design feature allows them to be used for lobe ear piercings.

These are also commonly used for helix and tragus piercings. The cartilage at the top of your ear is the place where the helix is located, while the forward helix is situated at the top-front of your ear. Lastly, the tragus is located at the front of your ear canal. These huggie earrings can be stacked with other pieces for a stylish look.

What Is the Difference between Huggie and Hoop Earrings?

Although hoop earrings can be made in various sizes, they don’t measure as close to the ear like huggies. There are varying sizes and designs of hoops, and they range in diameter. For instance, our large hammered hoops have a 6cm hoop diameter, while our small hammered hoops have a 1.5cm hoop diameter. The distance between the ear and the hoop is greater with our larger hammered hoops.

Although hoop earrings are generally made in various sizes, the range of sizes for huggies is much smaller. Some of these are as small as 5mm, which is completely flush against the skin. Our huggie hoops are made with a 10mm hoop diameter to ensure that they are comfortable to wear.

This size is also taken into account when certain parts of our bodies expand or carry extra water when we’re in a hot country.

Our next range of huggies will be made from 9k gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver, and they will measure around 7 to 8mm. These are ideal travel companions and will fit neatly in one’s ear.

The hoop earrings of huggies tend to have a lever or a hinged back (latch). These are not made with butterfly backs or screws, as these are a little fiddly to set up due to their size.

There are various reasons why huggie earrings and ear cuffs don’t share the same features. First, ear cuffs don’t require a piercing.

Ear cuffs are designed to fit neatly in one’s ear, and they can be adjusted as needed. The open design of these allows them to grip the flesh of the ear.

Ear cuffs are commonly worn in piercings that go up the ear, instead of just the lobe. Huggie earrings are also great for wearing all around the ear.

Huggie Earrings

Do Huggie Earrings Need Pierced Ears?

Despite the fact that huggie earrings are gaining in popularity, some people are still skeptical about how the earrings should be worn. The way a huggie is fitted changes depending on the shape of your ears, so if you want a set of earrings that will fit you well, it’s important to make sure your ears are pierced before purchasing.

If one or both of your huggies are not closing properly, it could be because you’re in a rush or you’re pushing the back section of the garment too hard onto the post. You should be able to feel the click sound as the huggie closes. If you don’t feel it, then don’t wear them until you can adjust them.

How Do You Use Huggie Earrings?

Huggie earrings are a great way to complete an outfit with a touch of glam. They can be worn as you please, and they make the perfect accessory.

Whether you’re planning on wearing them for a casual occasion or an evening out, these Huggie earrings are versatile enough to be worn all day long. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, try these ideas for different moods.

You’re on the way to a first date or job interview, and jewelry can help boost your motivation to make a good first impression. For special occasions, slip on a pair of Mismatched Wishbone earrings and give yourself a pep talk. This design is made to make you feel like you’re making your own luck.

If you have a double piercing, you can add a wishbone to your hole for added luck. You can also wear it with the Fortune Cookie Locket.

If you’re a person who likes to wear your heart out, then our Mismatched Heart + Arrow Jewelry and Heart Charm Locket Necklace might just be for you. This item features a message that says that you have a heart filled with gold, but you aren’t afraid to show how you feel. The gemstone details and the message that you can keep inside the locket will allow you to be open about how you feel, without having to say a word.

Do Huggie Earrings Stay In?

When it comes to keeping your huggie earrings in place, it’s important to adjust the way they’re placed to prevent them from getting loose. This small adjustment will keep them working like new.

A pair of hoop earrings known as Huggies are commonly used by girls for their fashionable and comfortable look. They feature a snap closure that allows them to wear them with ease and style. However, over time, these can become loose due to the way the closure is set. In this tutorial, we will talk about how to fix a broken snap closure.

To fix this issue, take the earrings in the open position and gently push the curved post up. If you do this step gently, the curved post will slightly rise and you will be able to close the earring with a tighter click. However, if you try to push the post up too much, it might prevent the closure from closing properly.

To make the adjustment, gently push the curved post down a bit. Repeat this step until the post clicks into the locking mode. This will keep the huggie earrings in place and working properly.

Phone Friendly Earrings

Have you ever gotten a poke in the neck while wearing post-back earrings? I bled profusely after getting a vigorous hug during a wedding, and I believe that it was because of drinking. I now wear these huggie earrings at every wedding.

If you are going to be multi-tasking, then put on your huggies and lean your phone into your shoulder. Doing so will not only protect your neck, but it will also keep you from getting stabbed in the bargain.

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