what size allen wrench for moen faucet

What Size Allen Wrench for Moen Faucet and Sprayer

If you’re looking for the right size of Moen faucet wrench, you’re in the right article. We’ll also show you how to remove a Moen faucet handle, set screw, and nut.

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What size Allen wrench for Moen faucet

It would help if you did not use an Allen wrench that is too small or too big. The correct size is a 10mm wrench for a Moen faucet.

The sealed wrenches were too small. On the other side, SAE sizes fit. Then get the Allen set that comes as a jeweler’s set. The first set of Allen wrenches was standard.

Bondhrus sets come in odd sizes. If the screw is neither metric nor standard, it must be Chinese. The Chinese parts deviated significantly from established standards. I think it’s all part of the “lowest possible price” mentality.

Well, then it’s either cut off the handle and buy a new handle. Or buy the whole thing to use the wrench. Try a Torx bit. I’ve gotten out of jams in the past using one when I didn’t have the right size at all.

When you’re tired of the beach and looking for a pair of new tools, go to Sears. They had all sizes, but I found that 7/64s was the best bet. 3/32″ = .093″, 1/8″ =.125″, and 7/64″= .109″.

You may be interested in the pressure balanced Moen shower fixture with a size 7/32 hex head. They will be able to help you find the right product for your needs or assist with any questions. Contact the staff at 1-800-Buy-Moen. They’ll be able to find the correct fixture for you!

I called Moen Canada and was told that the diameter of one of the screws I needed is 7/64″. The staff also asked why I wanted to remove the handle from the thermostat to increase the temperature setting. He estimated that this would need a replacement “cartridge” which he said should be available at most hardware stores.

Moen faucet sprayer fitting size

Moen single-handle kitchen faucet. I want to block off the sprayer and would like your advice on what size fitting is required. It is sometimes done by screwing on a brass pipe cap 1/4″.

The brass pipe size fittings are in MIP or FIP. All of these abbreviations can get you to know the size. Fittings are generally made in two standard sizes: IPS or CTS.

CTS, short for Copper Tube Size, does not refer to threaded pieces. It is the standard for a spray connection on most major brands, either 1/4″ IPS female or male.

Threaded fittings commonly have tapered threads, and the thread friction creates the seal. It depends on whether you want to attach the fitting to a threaded section of pipe on the inside or outside.

Leaving the cap off will lead to leaks. Copper pipe sizes are irrelevant for your project and should not even be considered.

How to Remove Moen faucet handle

Look for an Allen set screw. If this is a mini-wide spread faucet, the handle body will unscrew. And if the faucet handles look like this, then they will unscrew.

Yes, the handle unscrews from the body, and I looked inside and didn’t remember seeing an Allen screw.

When it comes to repairing a kitchen faucet, you need to worry about a few things. The first is identifying the type of leaks from the tap. 

It is being caused by a piping issue, or is the problem with the cartridge? You need to take apart your device and see for yourself to find out.

You have to turn off the water supply for this faucet. Use an Allen wrench to remove the handle, which should loosen it up enough for you to get it off.

It looks like the cartridge has part number 1255. I’ve taken it apart to this point. Then I pulled the retainer clip. The cartridge didn’t seem to want to come out when I pulled it with pliers.

Moen shower valve repair

I left a cartridge in the printer 180 degrees out and tried to fix it. I ended up breaking the cartridge, but somehow I set it. And it seems like something dislodged in the printer. Or maybe I knocked something loose when turning the cartridge around.

There is a lot of new development in the Lehigh Acres area. Many people don’t have enough space to install a whole-house water filter; It’s also challenging because the only places you can shut off the water (besides for each sink and washer) is outside.

There are two flat spots on the brass rod on a Moen cartridge. And if you look closely, there is a bit extra notch on one of those flat spots. This extra notch must point toward the handle.

The box contained odd-sized bolts. Try to shim the hole with a toothpick or something like that. Moen seems to have their size. I take the handle off my outdoor shower.

I used t-tape to seal the 1/4 inch FIP cap for a tight seal. Now I think people in stores and specialty plumbing shops are foolish.

Replace a Moen 1224 cartridge

The factory shipped me a free cartridge removal tool, but it doesn’t seem to work for this particular occasion. Then I need a hammer or a Sawzall to remove it because the plastic hold-down nut won’t stay on.

I’ve replaced a few faucet cartridges on my Moen faucets, and neither have I noticed a plastic nut on the cartridge post. They offer excellent service if you need to get warranty work done. Just call them ahead of time to get it scheduled in their shop.

The nut is plastic, not metal. The replacement parts that Moen sent me came sealed in a pouch straight from their factory for free. I am intrigued by this Monticello-style faucet, 8″. It has brass handles and is chrome-plated.

There’s no denying it. Repairing a faucet valve cartridge is hard work. To remove the stem assembly from the sink and apply heat so you can get to the plastic retainer is not for faint-hearted either. It will more than likely mean destroying the stem & seals in the process.

Remove Moen faucet nut

I’ll call Moen, and they will give me a new stem body. Or I can replace the old one with the freshwater stop nut. I carefully drilled into it using a tiny drill bit (1/16″) to loosen the plastic nut.

The plastic retaining nut was filled out, and Moen sent me the new nut. The closest thing I can find is sold with the stem extension kit.

Impossible to remove nut-holding faucets under the sink. Tight, tight space. I could get a grip, but I could not turn it in due to space requirements. After that, I’ve also heard about drilling it off, but I’m not sure how or if it would work.

Those style nuts are usually plastic or nylon and can be cut. I had one once, and the only way I could remove it was to cut off the faucet. However, I could not get an abasing wrench in there due to a double sink.

Moen should help out with a new handle set if you didn’t unscrew the old one. All you’ll need is a screw and the hub from the old handle.

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