Who Is Responsible For Trimming Trees Near Phone Lines

If you have a tree touching a powerline, you may wonder who is responsible for cutting it down. The answer to these questions is the property owner. This is why you need to closely monitor the position of branches and limbs around power lines.


Who Is Responsible For Cutting Trees Around Telephone Lines?

If you have trees near telephone lines, it is essential to know who is responsible for cutting them and removing them if necessary. In California, it is the responsibility of the utility company to trim the trees promptly and to maintain safety. The CPUC has rules regarding the amount of clearance around utility poles, which include the service wire and communication lines that carry phone and cable service.

Trees near power lines are illegal to cut within ten feet, as they may disrupt power. While a tree trimming service can help property owners avoid breaking these laws, it is essential to follow the guidelines set by each company to avoid causing damage to their service lines.

Does CPS Energy Trim Trees?

The city-owned electricity provider CPS Energy reminds customers to avoid cutting down trees near phone lines, protect their property, and keep power lines safe. Last week, some residents in the Tanglewood Drive and Maplewood Lane areas were left without power for several hours after a utility crew couldn’t repair a problem caused by a bee hive. Fortunately, it was only a temporary inconvenience.

The company is also spending more money on tree trimming this year. The company says it will spend at least $3 million on tree decorating this winter. The recent freeze brought more than 37,000 customers without power for five to 24 hours. Most of the outages were not due to system failures or power plant failures but were caused by the ice piled on trees.

CPS Energy is spending an additional $3 million on tree trimming in the fiscal year 2023. The company’s staff identified vegetation management as an area needing additional funding. The company recently completed a bond offering that included favorable terms, allowing the company to allocate an additional $3 million toward the program. This will give CPS Energy a total budget of $12.7 million for tree trimming in 2023.

Why Do They Cut Trees Around Power Lines?

Trees should be at least 10 feet away from power lines to avoid a possible power outage. Trees should never be cut closer than this distance. There are usually three levels of power lines. High voltage lines are the furthest from the ground, while low voltage lines are closer to the ground. Transmission lines are uncoated and thinner and carry electricity from 345,000 to 765,000 volts.

Tree branches close to power lines are often dangerous. They can fall and break power lines, so tree workers must take extra care when working near power lines. If they cut the branches too close to power lines, it can result in a fatal electric shock. Electricity can arc from a power line to a tree, and while it is unlikely to happen under normal circumstances, it can still occur. The best thing to do in such cases is to call the utility and wait until the power company sends help.

Trees growing too close to power lines can make them vulnerable to falls or wind damage. They can also sway and buck over power lines. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a tree from falling on power lines by keeping them well-tended. While it is impossible to cut a tree to avoid a power outage, proper tree maintenance can help ensure employees can safely access power lines. Always call the local utility before cutting any tree.

If you have a tree near a power line, it’s illegal to cut it within 10 feet of the power lines. Cutting trees closer to power lines is illegal in many states. The power company must get permission from the homeowner before cutting the tree. Sometimes, drastic pruning is necessary to free up the power line. Trees that grow too close to power lines can cause momentary outages and cause costly line clearing. Trees can also pose a fire hazard. The electricity can arc from the power line to a tree, which can cause a fire and even kill a person.

Can You Touch A Tree That Is Touching A Power Line?

Electricity can flow through a live tree, and touching a tree near a power line can be dangerous. While wood is a good conductor of electricity, it can also carry high voltage. This electricity can harm people who come in contact with it. It is also dangerous to touch a tree with a branch touching a power line. You could get injured or even killed if you accidentally touch it. This is why you should only feel a tree touching a power line if it is being cleared by a professional. Electricity providers have specially-trained workers who know how to trim trees in such areas properly. They also have specialist equipment for working near the lines.

While there are several ways to avoid coming into contact with a power line, you should never try to climb or touch it. This could result in a short circuit, which could be dangerous. Remember that power lines are not insulated, and connecting them could cause an electrical shock. You should also never climb or move any objects that are tangled in them. It would help if you also stayed clear of distribution wires because they can carry electrical power.

Although wood is not good at conducting electricity, water found in trees can conduct electricity. A tree touching a power line could cause a short circuit and a fire. The electrical current could even ignite nearby trees. The most common culprit is severe weather, but the trees can also rub against power lines, causing dangerous wear. It is a bad idea if you have a tree touching a power. The emerald ash borer is a potential threat to trees near power lines. This invasive insect has been found in 35 states and is causing the rapid decline of many species of ash.


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