Who Signs The Diploma When Students Graduate From Gallaudet University?

Who Signs The Diploma When Students Graduate From Gallaudet University?

Who Signs The Diploma When Students Graduate From Gallaudet University? When students graduate from Gallaudet University, they traditionally sign a diploma handed to them by the President of the University.

As a result of a recent policy change, now, the graduates themselves will be signing their diplomas!

The change reflects the University’s new vision for graduation ceremonies, which aims to celebrate the accomplishments of all graduates, including those who may not use spoken language. So when did the diplomas signed by president Ulysses for Gallaudet graduates?

Congratulations to all of Gallaudet’s newest alumni- we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!


What Is Gallaudet University And What Is It Known For?

Gallaudet University is a federally-chartered private university for the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. It was granted university status in 1986, and this was when there was a movement that aimed to have a deaf president. He was by whom the Gallaudet graduates are signed, and it’s not a printed signature.

The school’s primary language of instruction is American Sign Language. It describes itself as “the world’s only post-secondary institution with specialized programs and services for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.”


Who Signs The Diploma When Students Graduate From Gallaudet University And Why Is This Significant To The Deaf Community And Beyond?

On May 12, 1864, the “Gallaudet Act” was passed by Congress and signed by President Abraham Lincoln, officially establishing the first deaf University in the world. It was after Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, who was a pioneer in the education of the Deaf.

Graduates sign their diploma because every graduate has earned this diploma with their time, effort, and hard work.

It is significant to Gallaudet University because it shows the progressiveness of the University, where it focuses on celebrating every graduate, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

How Does This Unique Tradition Add To The Overall Experience Of Graduation At Gallaudet University And What Impact Has It Had On Deaf Culture Over Time?

The students can touch, feel and carry their diploma after graduation. This is different from other universities where the graduates only receive a piece of paper/cardboard on stage or handed to them by an administrator.

Gallaudet University’s unique tradition builds up excitement and anticipation of wanting to graduate and finish what they have started since their first year.

What Are Some Other Traditions That Take Place During Graduation At Gallaudet college And How Do They Contribute To The Celebration Of Success For Deaf Students And Their Families And Friends?

There is a big celebration after graduation. Students receive their diplomas and do the processional walk with their family, friends, and hearing peers.

Gallaudet University has a wide range of traditions during graduations, such as having a choir sing an inspirational song at the beginning of graduation ceremonies to glorify deaf culture. It’s like a deaf chair designed for non-hearing people.

Are There Any Other Universities With Similar Traditions Around Signing The Diploma Upon Graduation Or Within Deaf Communities More Broadly Speaking?

The University of California, Los Angeles, has a similar tradition where deaf professors give deaf students their diplomas.

This is significant to the deaf community because it shows society’s movement to include deaf people in community events. It’s different than other private institutes that cannot accommodate deaf people, and this movement led to a significant change in deaf history.

Who Signs The Diploma When Students Graduate From Gallaudet Now?

They sign it themselves, but traditionally, the President signs the document. The graduates would “autograph” their certificates when they receive them from Gallaudet University President Dr. Roberta Cordano and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at the college’s 93rd commencement May 9. These are signed by the presiding or other government agencies.

To make graduation more accessible, the University will allow for this change and ensure that other accommodations include everyone.

The signed diplomas will remain a part of official records and house in the special collections at Merrill Library on campus.

Who Usually Signs A Diploma?

Do fake high school diploma works here? Well, here’s a no! In most cases, the person who signs a certificate is the President of a university, college, or high school. In some cases, graduates can also sign their diplomas if most students have done so in previous years.

The traditional way we sign diplomas is by giving them to the student by a representative of the institution they are graduating from.

Are Diplomas Signed By Hand?

Yes, it’s always by hand. All graduates will now sign their diplomas.

Most students coming to Gallaudet do not use spoken language; therefore, they would not receive one from an authority figure, such as the Most often, the presidents of universities and colleges sign diplomas.

If this is not possible, then a representative of the institution may sign on behalf of the College or University.

Sometimes students choose also to sign their diplomas if they have done so in previous years with no objections from school officials.

Who Signed The Charter For Gallaudet University?

On May 10, 1884, President Chester A signed the Charter for Gallaudet University and Arthur and Secretary of State Frederick T. Frelinghuysen in Washington D.C.

The original document resides at the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C., while a replica displays at the University’s campus in Northeast D.C.

Who Signs The Yearbook?

In most cases, the student body and faculty members from the secondary school or college signed the yearbooks. In some cases, significant alumni will also sign a copy of that same yearbook for a special event dedicated to them at their school.

Final Verdict

Graduation at Gallaudet University is a unique and memorable experience for deaf students and their families and friends. The traditions during graduation add to the sense of community and celebration and help ensure that this critical milestone gets remembered for years to come. Other universities have similar practices, but none quite like Gallaudet University. If you know someone graduating from or attending Gallaudet University, be sure to ask them about their experiences during graduation!

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